Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Worth checking out

Here are a few sites worth exploring today:

At Comment Magazine (thanks to my editors at Curator Magazine for sharing this), Carey Wallace links spiritual and creative discipline.

This is what undergirds my discipline in my best moments: the dazzling beauty and variety of the things God wants to speak into this world, the honour of being able to repeat some of them in my own voice, and the shortness of my life relative to the size of the task. It requires discipline to stay tuned to these truths in the crush and noise of each day, but when the division between creative and spiritual disciplines is removed, the reward becomes not just another page written, or another lonely hour stared down, but a meeting with God himself, who restores us even as He leads us on.

At Curator Magazine, consider guerilla art and the idea of wonder in "The Serendipity Revival" from the perspective of Maureen Lovett. Earlier in the week I was admiring pictures of the handiwork of guerilla knitters (a tree wearing a sweater!).

Finally, I've enjoyed many of the blogs participating in Blogathon 2011.

Time for me to write. Happy surfing.

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