Monday, May 2, 2011

Rediscovery through teaching

Teaching is an act of rediscovery. 

Land ho ... that's one skinny mitten
Over the past two weeks, I've had the privilege of teaching on leadership, interviewing skills, and writing powerful paragraphs. Each class has reminded and encourage me to renew my commitments to basic things.

A class on leadership stirs me to consider vision and values. How can I help students see who they want to be? How can I help them figure out what's important? In crafting their lessons, I'm reminded of my own vision, values, and goals. I'm challenged to be a better steward of everything in my care.

Teaching interviewing skills keeps me sharp. I sit a little straighter; I speak a little more clearly; I strive to not just 'come across' as humble and confident, but to be truly 'be' both these things. I see the students battle through their nerves during a mock interview and am encouraged to push myself a little further.

Finally, what could be more refreshing than explaining how to write a basic paragraph? I find myself considering each simple form I present, wondering how I might be able to use it in my work.

It's been two weeks. I've got two weeks to go. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to influence young lives, of course, but it is not simply altruistic: I'm gaining.

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