Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well done blogs

May marks a record month of blog writing for me. Social pressure from complete strangers is an amazing thing. Thank you for the encouragement, Michelle Rafter.

It's also a record month of blog reading, and I've delighted in the people I've read so far. I plan to highlight some of my favorites over the summer. Three to get you started:

Intralingo Lisa Carter is a Spanish to English literary, legal and commercial  translator. She writes as well. Fascinating work, compelling questions, great voice.

Patient POV Laura Newman covers medical news in a way that's informative and personal. I especially appreciated her coverage and questions from the National Press Foundation’s Alzheimer’s Disease Issues 2011 Fellowship.

A Summer of 1961 Diary Barbara McDowell Whitt shares her diary entries from high school. Interesting little slices of life from Iowa in the early sixties.

Who have you enjoyed reading this month? Feel free to celebrate someone else's work in the comments.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I'm so glad you're enjoying my posts, as I am yours. ;-) To be quite honest, I could spend all day reading the great posts that are out there through Blogathon. Just imagine how many more there are that we don't even know about!

  2. Laura, I am humbled that you have listed my blog. There are so many fine writers participating in the 2011 Wordcount Blogathon.

    Today Jennifer Walker, in her My Morning Chocolate blog, made a poignant post about making a a meat entree in memory of her brother.

    Joan Lambert Bailey, whose blog is Popcornhomestead, wrote about nematodes, a pest in her garden in Tokyo, and her remedy for them.

    And Alana Mautone, who writes in Ramblin' With AM, told about a group of women who were photographed on Christmas Day 1943 and now appear on a mural in Binghampton, New York.

  3. Thanks for your work, Lisa and Barbara, and thanks for stopping by my blog.