Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Frosty in May

Yesterday in my little town, it was rainy and 46 degrees F, and yet The Breakfast Guru and I chose to sit around with my car window down for about twenty minutes.

Here's the reason:

We still have an old-fashioned, seasonal, drive-in A&W. When you order a combo 'for here', they don't ask you what kind of soda you want with that; they know. The car hops serve you root beer in a frosted glass mug.

Now it's spring.

For more about the rite of A&W, see this post. For a time when I actually could eat something fried, read about my visit to Joe's Gizzard City. If you want to know how the Breakfast Guru got his name, try here (or try his sausage gravy).


  1. Funny, everyone I know that's still in the area makes the same pilgrimage every year. We've gone twice already! :o)

  2. :) It's irresistible, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by; we need to catch up again in person!

  3. We haven't made it yet, we need to!