Saturday, May 28, 2011

Librarians rock

I've been working through my top 5 places to write, and we are now at number three, a conference room at my local library.

When I'm trying to work something out, when I've got a lot of parts and pieces that need to be welded, there's nothing like a flat surface. A clean flat surface. An uncrusted-with-sugared-cereal flat surface.

Beyond the giant tables, writing at the library is fantastic because librarians rock. They know how to research. For example, I worked on this essay about the Rivera Court at the Detroit Institute of Arts. I wanted to include some technical details about the space, but couldn't find them. I went to the desk looking for help, but what I received was a complete and gracious takeover. The librarian foraged as I wrote, dragging another librarian into the process, eventually emerging triumphant. They found the perfect bit of information from solid, credible sources.

Librarians are so much more than book-checker-outers. Test them. They seem to enjoy it.


  1. Laura, it is so true that librarians seem to enjoy helping patrons. I have been in the stacks browsing at our local library when a librarian has come up beside me and asked me if there is anything she can help me find.

  2. That's true, Barbara, and beyond that, their research skills are unmatched. Thanks for stopping by!