Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Obstacle Race, Dornoch Highland Gathering 2007. Photo by John Haslam.
I watched a little girl mount the side of a shopping cart and ride, cheering like a rodeo cowgirl. Later, she clambered beneath the basket onto the frame. Eventually she uncurled, emerged, and hopped past the checkout, touching only the grey squares.

Unencumbered by a shopping list, coupons, the plans of the day, she goes. She skips, and skips backwards. She pushes herself, discovering the novel while I act bound to the ordinary.

I want to be a solid grown-up, but to achieve that, do I need to be a better kid? How might I see the day's challenges and revel in them?


  1. This is so true - my daughter skips everywhere she goes. My children are a blessing to me every day and make me want to be a better storyteller. Thanks for sharing and congrats on completing the blogathon!

  2. Being with my kids brings a lot of joy. I think I understand what you mean about kids making you want to be a better storyteller too. My kids want to hear great stories; they want that sort of engagement; I love to see the sparkle in their eyes when they've been intrigued by a tale. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think embracing our inner kid is important (my girls are 11, 9 & 6 so they force it upon me sometimes and shouldn't have to).

  4. Tia, I'm right there with you, almost literally! My three kids are almost the exact same ages as yours, and they love it when I play. It's funny, because once I get past my list of things I want to do or should do, I love it too.Thanks for sharing!