Friday, May 6, 2011

The turtles

Yesterday, I went out with my camera and tried to visually capture spring. I stopped at a small roadside  swamp that we always pass slowly. I have no idea if this place has an official name; there's no sign posted. We call it Turtle Pond. Logs and stones dot the water, giving the shelled residents plenty of places to sun themselves. At different points in the season, we'll see twenty or more turtles.

I started our photo shoot by pulling off to the side of the road and hopping out of my car. This was not a well-thought out maneuver; all the turtles splashed into the water. This was the best shot I could get,

unless I wanted to take a picture of a couple of sealcoating guys working across the street. One offered to remove his shoes and socks, roll up his pants, and fetch me some. I declined.

On my way back from town, I tried again, this time through my car window.

I love seeing the turtles. What do you love about spring where you live?


  1. The shimmer of green as trees slowly break into leaf, sunlight beaming off the Rideau River, beds and beds and beds of tulips for May's Tulip Festival. I adore spring.

  2. The tiny green leaves. The tulips. The smell of mulch. The promise of renewal and flowers to come ....

  3. Lovely lisa and Alexandra. Thanks for stopping by!