Thursday, May 10, 2012

Music on the Road

Life on the road, I hear, isn't all it's cracked up to be. Oh sure, traveling sounds great, and some of the destinations are remarkable, people tell me, but you get sick of the airports and the restaurant food and the hotels.

I get this, but consider how irritated you might be on a flight with unsupervised children behind you, kicking your seat, whining, starving, fighting with each other over who said which word first, as if "jinx" were a UN treaty. You might wonder, where is their mother?

Life at home means their mother is present but occupied, the pilot of that flight, a stripped-down operation where she is also the stewardess and baggage handler. The chair being kicked is hers.

I'm not saying I'd trade spots with the business traveller. My kids aren't always awful. Sometimes they're fabulous. One of the things that helps them be fabulous? Music. Music hath charms to soothe the savage children who scream at each other for the slightest offense. Singing along is like magic. For a brief moment, there is unity. Harmony, even.

We sing along to all types of music, but here's a video clip of one of our favorites:

How do control your flights and keep the backseat beasts at bay?


  1. "Fat Bottom Girls" by Queen always sends our family (OK, minus the husband) into a loud, raucous rendition every time! Nothing like it ... and I'd LOVE to travel on a regular basis ... at least, I think I would ... hmmm ... now you got me thinking ...

    1. Queen is a great sing-along band. And I love to travel, but a work life that centers around business travel only would not be a good fit, unless I had an entourage :).

      Thanks for stopping by!