Thursday, May 17, 2012

Letter to the Tooth Fairy

The tooth hangs by a strand of flesh. Last night it brought forth enough blood to simulate a vampire movie, but alas, it remained. This spawned great weeping; for how, the child conjectured, would funds be gathered and applied toward Disneyland without the immediate benefactor-y of the Tooth Fairy?

Sorrow continued past bedtime, but then, quiet ... and finally... Eureka! Glorious light! A vision, a solution!

The child descended the stairs in haste. Gathering paper and pencil, the wee one perched at the dining room table and penned the following:

Translation (as read to the child's father):
Dear Tooth Fairy, 
I am sorry I didn't bring a tooth. But it didn't come out. So give me a surprise next morning. I would like to have 2 more dollars. 
Is this the first ever Tooth Fairy IOU? If accepted, what sort of credit debacle would that be?


  1. This is *so* precious! Now do tell: What did the Tooth Fairy decide?

  2. :) Thanks Lisa. The Tooth Fairy has remained silent on the matter. The tooth fell out overnight, so we shall see what tomorrow holds.