Saturday, January 2, 2010

LOQtion 2k10: The Cheese

This begins a series of instructional helps for anyone interested in modern elocution techniques. Note the particular bent toward non-verbal communication. In today’s society, with earbuds and bluetooths, effective communication with the people you’re actually with looks more and more like a silent movie.

The Cheese

This gesture is used to display an item or items of visual interest. Items that are the same size as, or larger than, the hand may be placed directly on the fingertips. Smaller items can benefit from this presentation, but should first be placed on a tray or plate.

The hand must remain below the head, preferably waist to chest high; otherwise; it might be confused with an arcane move known as The Big Boy. Skilled practitioners of contemporary communication add a flourish of movement, ideally beginning on their non-dominant side and gracefully extending to their dominant side toward the audience. Typically reserved for items that are of special note, hence the name. What is more glorious than cheese?

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