Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Blog Attic

My blog has an attic.

I discovered it after I set-up Google's Webmaster Tools. It promised insight into my blog, statistical data and objective information galore. I love objective data - and being a web master. It made me feel like Donkey from Shrek (I'm a web master, I mastered the web), and who wouldn't want that?

It didn't mention the attic, but there it was, a secret panel in the 'links to your site' section:                                              1
2005/05/maiden-voyage-ends-in-disaster.html                   1

This struck me as odd, as I started blogging in August. 2009. I don't recall any sort of maiden voyage in May 2005. But perhaps I blocked it out, it was about 'disaster' after all, so I clicked on the link, which took me to There I discovered this little comment:

Whatever you and Mrs. Wigglebottom do, don’t do this:

A few check-ins later, this appeared:

2005/05/we-are-pariah-of-dog-park.html                   1
This link gave my computer hissyfits, so I won't give it the same honor and glory rendered to the above feline apparel site. From what I could gather, the former IMLT proprietor had some trouble with humans after "Henry" committed an alleged attack on a fellow canine at the dog park.
I did not know I was getting a pre-owned blog. I guess I should've kicked the tires a little harder. But now I have a dilemma. Since this blog is step one in a series of nine toward world domination, I feel I must either eradicate the links, or make good on their promise.

Eradicating the links would involve technical research. That is so not going to happen - despite Google's opinion on my internet expertise, I am not, nor have I ever been, any sort of computer genius. So, I guess I'm going to have to deliver on these links somehow ... any suggestions?


  1. Okay something needs to happen. The name alone, Mrs. Wigglebottom, needs some sort of validation. I am curious, can you even go back and create an entry for that link?

  2. I know! Tiny cat pants? Mrs. Wigglebottom? Twinkletoes? Pariah of dog park? It's too good - a present - it needs to be opened!

    I should be able to create the same post title, but I don't know if I can do anything about the date stamp-or redirect traffic. I could title a video though: Jennie suggested utilizing a certain someone's green screen ...