Monday, November 9, 2009

Blog Post Contest

Way back in October, through the magic of Google's Webmaster Tools, I discovered that my blog has an attic. Upon that day, I went to work, creating a crack team of highly analytical robo-monkeys to reveal the implications of this find.

For the record, that is why I have been unable to post for 16 days. Robo-monkeys. Not making excuses, but it was tougher than it sounds. I spent nearly four of those days trying to find an agri-business willing to sell me genetically modified,  non-corrosive bananas. But, modern science prevailed, and here's what my metallic minions have revealed:

"If, someday, tinycatpants becomes a multi-million hit site, you don't want to frustrate those poor souls perusing the comments with a link to nowhere. It only takes a moment of imaginative energy to understand that this could be the downfall of your credibility. 'I mean,' goes the cry of the people, 'if she can't deliver on a simple blog post, what else is she incapable of doing?' And there goes your opportunity at a writing career, or health care reform."

So action must be taken. These titles need content. While I would enjoy answering the call, I believe in sharing my treasure; thus, I invite you, good people, to participate.

How? So glad you asked. Two ways. First, you could a create a post for one of the two titles:

We Are Pariah of Dog Park, May 2005
Maiden Voyage Ends in Disaster, May 2005

Write your 800-words-or-less post, and include your pen name as you would like it to appear in this blog. Put all that in the body of an email, NO ATTACHMENTS and NO LINKS, and send it to [in]my{little}town@(gmail).com.  Delete all of the parentheses and brackets in that address, the r-m's have advised this method as a way to thwart spammers.

The programmable primates and I will pick our favorites, and then I'll post the semi-finalists here on my blog for the people's vote - readers can click the 'Winner' or 'Nice Try' response button. The entry with the most 'Winner' clicks will be, well, the winner.

Submission window closes on November 22nd (that's two weeks, people). Semi-finalists will be posted soon thereafter. Voting will close November 30th.

Winner receives a 'guest blogger' credit on the new, official post, as well as a featured spot on my sidebar.  The runner-up (winner of the other title) will receive 'guest blogger' credit on his or her link as well. All semi-finalist posts will include your nom de plume and individual links, making it easy for you to direct folks here to vote.

Helpful hints from the robo-monkeys:
1) They like to laugh.
2) They like details that tie-in to the title and other information available in the original post.
3) They were prototyped during a romantic comedy gorgefest and thus ask that you refrain from anything that smacks of Meg Ryan.

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