Friday, February 26, 2010

Real World Foodie

February. When I read the word, it sounds a lot like Jerry Seinfeld saying Newman. It is accompanied by back, neck and shoulder tension.

I start thinking about February in November. The leaves are off the trees and I think, "Ah yes. Bleakness. The return of bleakness. I remember being beat down by you, back in February."

Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's Eve come and go. I am mostly distracted from my annual nemesis.

On or about January 2nd, the full dread of February comes upon me. "Oh no! It's almost February. I hate February! How can I distract myself from this tortured month?"

I've done well this year, but I'm finding myself a little beat down with only a couple of days to go. It's snowing, still. I'm yearning for warmer weather, flowers, real strawberries, fresh greens. What's a girl to do?

Here's my plan:
1) Watch one of my all-time favorite comedies, The Jerk. 
2) Wish I had a cat to juggle.
3) Start a highly unprofitable second blog about being a foodie in the real world.

Stop by and see me. I'll be the one running amongst the piles of mail and homework assignments, wearing an apron, fanning the smoke away from the detector and shouting, "He hates these cans!"


  1. LT,
    Howdy neighbor. :) Glad you liked the faery poem. Staying warm and frost free? Happy you stopped by. Thank you for the visit and the comment. I'm feeling a bit winter-logged too. This is probably my worst ever. Just so much snow. Your spring plans include cranking up a writing group?

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear you're feeling 'blech' about the winter too.

    Yes to the return of a writer's group, but I need to wait until April. I'll let you know. In the meantime, did you say something about a conference or a retreat? Let me know.