Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Manger deLuxe

I was going to do a jokey bit of writing, because my house is far from festive right now. I was going to claim trendsetter status for the 'authentic Christmas' set: just let the kids go wild, bedrooms can grow into even more of a pit, trash may remain strewn about ... I was going to say that I'd put a cease and desist on all vacuuming, stop the flow of propane and let the temperature drop in remembrance of my barn-born King.

Manger Chic, I was going to call it, until I discovered that phrase had been taken, in honor of parents in Great Britain who feel that their children must excel in every aspect of life, including their Nativity play costumes.

That's right, $200+ bucks spent on a child's costume for a school play about God being born in a stable. And before I get all uppity, I've got to ask myself, are my choices much better than that?

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