Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Two Hit Wonders

We were in the car, me and the breakfast guru, and "Twilight Zone" came on the radio.

(Not the show, of course, the song. Also known as "that other song by Golden Earring.")

We put forth the effort to sing along:

"Help, I'm slippin' into the Twilight Zone," we sang with confidence.

I have no idea what the guru sang next. I went with something about Ethan Frome.

We began to discuss the greatest two-hit wonders. Golden Earring's hooks come lavishly draped in entertaining instrumentation. The narratives in both of their hits ("Radar Love" being the other one), plus the intensity of the singer, bring that extra sense of drama. The songs have great titles too. Who could have two, and only two, songs that are better?

The only real competition we could think of was Greg Kihn Band, with "The Break-Up Song" ('they just don't write 'em like that anymore') and "Jeopardy", a groundbreaking video for both the fake guitar as a weapon, and zombies. See for yourself:

Maybe the key to being a two-hit wonder is a song title based on a TV show?

Do you have a better two-hit wonder?

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