Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Up and up

Lately, one of my latent skills has been called up to the surface. I can juggle.

I am not using juggling as a metaphor. I can't, for instance, juggle laundry and dishes and home-cooked meals and writing. If I could get one of those things done a day, I'd be doing well. Or better than today, anyway. I am speaking of literal, simple juggling.

I'm not sure exactly how the word got out about my days as a mime (will you still be my friend?), but I found myself helping a friend with his technique the day after Thanksgiving. Perhaps it reflects a national mood: while I was out examining the cyber-landscape (thanks, kottke.org), I found this blog entry on why normal people should juggle.

Yes, it is one part shameless promotion, but it is two parts true. Especially the parts that discuss being excited about the potential of others and avoiding being mistaken for a fascist dictator.

Check out the link. If a class in Hollywood is out of reach, try the library.

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